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Alpha Leonis Consulting

An independent consultancy based on 20+ years of experience helping companies start-up and transform their business models and operations through customer interactions.

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As an executive and leader for Customer Experience Strategy and Business Transformation initiatives, Michael is available for speaking engagements, strategy workshops, and through advisory and fractional roles.

SMB & Fortune 500 Clients Engage Alpha Leonis in 1 of 5 Ways 





To help lead and define customer experience strategies and readiness plans for near-term and future impact.




To create innovation approaches and practices for new and enhanced

ways of working.




To help explore customer growth strategies for new or existing products and services.



To help lead the business operations and workforce transformation efforts to deliver on the Customer Experience promise.




To provide thought leadership, training and advisory activities for Customer Experience Strategy & Digital Business Model Transformation.

Why hire a Fractional Executive?  It's simple. You want focused, value-driven, C-level talent to make an impact on your business now. 

Consider the following;

- Full-time executives today only spend 20-30 percent of their time on strategic initiatives and big-picture ideas.​

- Not all companies can afford a full-time executive leader for customer experience focus and transformation. 

- Customer Experience touches your entire company with deep impact across many leaders and executives in your C-Suite.  Instead of disrupting the existing senior management team with a new full-time role and a shift in responsibilities, a Fractional Cx Executive can partner with the team, lead the capabilities needed and help enable them with new approaches, skills and tools.

- With years of experience as a long-standing leader, executive and consultant within multiple industries, Michael brings a passion and diverse background that allows you to harness the biggest "bang for your buck."

Proof Points

Since 1998, Michael has been afforded the opportunity in the professional world to experience a broad set of business challenges, models and customer interactions spanning a number of industries.

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Workforce Transformation Strategies & Plans Established


Sales, R&D, Marketing, Operations, Customer Care


Innovation Disciplines, Organizations or Frameworks Established


Cross Channel, Full Year-in-the-Life Customer Experience Strategies & Plans Established


Agriculture, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare

A Wealth of Meaningful Cross-Industry Experience


Business Capabilities Conceptualized, Optimized & Transformed 


Personal business start-ups or business and divisional acceleration efforts

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Michael Chandler, an accomplished leader and entrepreneur, has worked in, built and led successful organizations and businesses in the domains of Innovation, Service Design, Business Transformation & Customer Experience.  He has helped numerous organizations in Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, Biotechnology, Agriculture and Insurance craft cutting-edge, cross-channel experience strategies, digital innovations, business process improvements and organizational transformations for the customer and workforce since the late 90’s.

He has spoken at over twenty (20) events in the past years from keynotes to executive and thought leader panels, round tables and master of ceremonies. His achievements have been recognized in Small Business Monthly (SBM) Top 100 St. Louisans to Know in Business, Small Business Monthly (SBM) Future 50 Companies, Fast Company-Fast 50, CIO Magazine, Citi’s Presidents Club and American Banker.

Michael understands that transformation and being customer centric requires deeper activation and alignment into the organization than just a new technology, communication, marketing or sales touchpoint. Since 1998, he has helped companies of all sizes respond to industry changes in order to stay relevant in the marketplace. Today's competitive landscape is predicated not only on strong product performance, but, more importantly, who can deliver on the best possible experience around their products and services.

Business Milestones

In the early 2000’s Michael grew, from scratch, a 55-employee division within Citi focused on Technology & Business Process Transformation.  In 2008, he joined a global technology & consulting firm, Ascendant, as a Business Unit Executive and late-stage partner to build a successful Digital Strategy and Customer Experience division and contributed to the scale of the company to its $110MM annual revenue and successful sale in 2012.


During this time he also participated in shaping and building a $60MM roll-up strategy with three Denver based consulting firms and agencies.   In 2012, Michael focused on the St. Louis marketplace and co-founded Chaotic Kingdom, a nonprofit company solely focused on giving back to charities (environmental, animals and humanity) through donations of proceeds, event support and charitable event fundraising generated through apparel and product sales.  He also co-founded XperienceLab, a management consultancy helping clients achieve innovation, customer experience strategy and business transformation goals through insight and lean human-centered methods.  XperienceLab was sold in 2017.

What's in a Name?  

Regulus, or its Latin derivative, Alpha Leonis, is the brightest star in the constellation of Leo and one of the brightest stars in the night sky. The name was chosen during a summer visit to a local lake after Founder, Michael Chandler, and his wife, ran through a brandstorming exercise. Born in July of 1974, a Leo, and with a historical coat of arms and family crest containing three lions, this name was more than fitting to represent the integrity, perseverance and grit Michael applies to his consulting and the organizations he builds and leads.  Furthermore, Alpha represents "the leader of the pack" and Leonis translates to "lion strength." The consultancy is based on his wealth of expertise gained over the years as a recognized leader, consultant and entrepreneur.


Payer disrupts the healthcare system in the name of the customer.

Motorcycle Reinvention

Backstage optimization through Frontstage alignment.

Retirement Planning

Backstage optimization through Frontstage alignment.

Financial Services Workforce Enablement 

Customer care simplification and digital transformation for first call resolution. 

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